I am an attorney who has been practicing law in Michigan for over 35 years. I send all of my negligence and workers' compensation clients to William Stern. He has consistently obtained the best results for my clients and my own family due to his diligence, creativity and experience.

-Ernest S. Needle, attorney, Southfield, Michigan

Bill Stern has been my attorney for fifteen years.When I was severely injured in a car accident, he obtained tremendous results that allowed me to literally, take the insurance company to the cleaners!

-Pjeter Markaj, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

I refer my clients to Bill Stern. He has shown me that he obtains the best results and keeps my clients happy. He knows the system and how to get the maximum recovery!

-Stephen Wood, attorney, Southfield, Michigan

I am attorney Jeffrey P. Decoster. I specialize in family law and general practice. When I have a client with a work related injury I refer that client to William Stern because I know that my client will receive top quality representation and get the maximum result.

-Jeffrey P. Decoster

Bill Stern got me a great result when I was subjected to police misconduct. After the case settled and the City refused to pay, he dragged them back into federal court. We wound up with more than was originally agreed upon.

-J.T. Worthy, Detroit

I was injured while lifting at a construction job. The insurer would not pay my doctor nor my weekly benefits. I lost everything. After a big legal battle, Mr. Stern was able to get my benefits and my doctor paid. He even got them to pay interest on what they should have paid in the first place!

-Mike Spring, Metamora

Bill, All I can say that Stephen Wood was right, you are a Bull dog in the Courtroom, as I saw you have a lot of respect in the Court room and in the law profession. I must say you are the best. The stress that goes along with a divorce is unbelievable, but you kept me together and I thank you for that. You were there every step of the way for me and again, I thank you. It is a shame that things happen, but with people like you to walk someone through this is a great service. I know of your years of experience have made you one of the best lawyers in this field and you should be very proud of your accomplishments. This was a lot tougher than I could have imagined, so once again, thank you. It seems as if you were not only my lawyer but a friend as well. You will always be at the top of your game, and if they had a Stanley Cup for lawyers, you won the World championship more than once. I wish you the best in your career and keep charging hard at the opponent.

-Dean Cardillo

March 25, 2014
Hello, Bill
I just wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge. Looks like life has treated you kind. My Dad was always impressed with your dedication to your craft and close family ethic. As we both know, he was not easily impressed (LOL). I wasglad to speak with you and learn that he has a friendship that is everlasting, because of that friendship his children's children received a blessing. Thank you from the heart,

-Robin Lyles McCormick